Luxury resort Kabini

Taking cognisance of the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the world; safeguarding ourselves, we feel, is of foremost importance in the prevention of the spread of the virus.

Providing the relevant infrastructure for our staff is step one in the battle against a health hazard of this scale.

We have understood and imbibed in our daily practices procedures that will not only safeguard us, but by extension, all those around us; our guests, family and community. Strict procedures have been set in place to ensure no infection enters the premises.

With multiple awareness talks, training sessions and understanding of the functioning and impacts of the disease as it evolves with time, we have set in place the following stratagem:

  • All those who enter KAAV are to undergo sanitization and thermal scanning
  • Other than KAAV Staff, only guests with confirmed reservations will be permitted to enter the premises
  • Although we are a boutique safari lodge with just 6 rooms in 2 categories, we are resuming operations at a reduced capacity
  • Common contact areas in the property are disinfected through the day
  • All common areas are equipped with sanitising stations
  • Swimming pool facilities have been temporarily suspended
  • Meals will be served in our restaurant (with the option of room service) with social distancing protocols in place : NO BUFFET SERVICE
  • Our Safari / transfer vehicles are disinfected after every use and are equipped with a sanitising station
  • All guest luggage is disinfected at check-in
  • All guest rooms are disinfected thoroughly with each use
  • Guest are strictly prohibited from entering service areas
  • Use of masks is compulsory for all those at KAAV
  • As it always was a practice of ours, no unwell staff is permitted to enter the premises
  • Kind attention to all our guests:

    • We advise guests with flu-like symptoms to not travel; stay will not be permitted should symptoms be exhibited upon arrival or during the course of stay.
    • We advise guests to carry their own masks and sanitising products.
    • We advise guests to maintain high levels of hygiene which must include but not be limited to proper washing of hands with soap.
    • We advise guests to maintain social distancing parameters during the course of their stay and with all hotel staff at all times.

As the situation evolves with each passing day, we too enhance our measures in due accordance. We here understand the importance of taking care of ourselves, therein being readily able to tend to anyone around us. We wish for everyone to partake in their own capacities and help fight the inevitable spread of this virus.

With love,
The KAAV Family