With experienced rangers in tow, our jungle safaris take you on a guided tour into the forest’s many nooks and crannies. Atop a vehicle designed to give you the best possible views of the wildlife that emerges around you, a wide range of jungle inhabitants come calling. Look out for large herbivores such as elephant, bison, sambar and bonnet macaques. And this is your chance to see one of the predators too. Think tiger, leopard, panther or wild dog. And of course, there are the over 250 species of bird endemic to the region that nest in the foliage.

Jungle Safari in Kabini
Jungle Safari in Kabini
Jungle Safari in Kabini

Boat safari in kabini

A trip out on the river has you floating in the midst of two National parks flanking the southern states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. With Nagarhole on one side and Bandipur on the other, their habitants step out onto these banks to quench their thirst. While herds of elephants, deer, bison and even the mighty cats come out for a drink, the reservoir’s most frequent visitors are marsh crocodiles and water birds like herons, kingfishers, cormorants, spot-billed ducks and many more.

Boat Safari in Kabini
Boat Safari in Kabini

Cycling in kabini

With six bicycles readily available, we encourage all our guests to go out and explore the country-side around Kaav. On our simple bikes, riding through jungle roads are as easy as cruising over asphalt. On these trips, you will witness the everyday lives of the local community and take in the unique landscape that is Kabini.

Cycling in Kabini

Coracle ride in kabini

For a quintessential Kabini experience, step on to the small round boats that expertly navigate our reservoir backwaters. Holding tight to these eco-friendly paddle boats, you are taken on a thrilling ride along the very edges the jungle-lined river to meet its wild inhabitants up-close.

Coracle Ride in Kabini

Nature Walk in kabini

Experience nature in its unbridled splendour by taking a guided walk along the periphery of the park or by the banks of the reservoir. Watch your senses come alive as you see butterflies floating around the flowers and eagles soaring the thermals looking for prey. Hear birds chirping in dense tree canopies or just breathe in the fresh air and relax in nature.
All you need to embark on this adventure are sturdy shoes, a comfy hat and a pair of binoculars.

Nature Walk in Kabini

Birding in kabini

Birdwatching in Kabini is a special experience with the wide variety of around 300 species of birds that can be found there.
Birders can take a guided nature walk along the edge of the park or a wildlife jeep safari in the forest to observe many of theendemic species such as the Malabar Pied Hornbill, Nilgiri Flycatcher and the Malabar Parakeet while water birds and waders are best seen on a boat safari.

Bird Watching Holiday Kabini, India
Bird Watching Holiday Kabini, India

Kayaking in kabini

Kayaking, one of the most authentic ways to discover Kabini's wildlife-abundant reservoir is to hop aboard a row-boat and paddle your way through it.
Get up close and personal with indigenous birds that flank the bare branches rising from the water as you gaze surreptiously at the wild inhabitants that stroll across the reservoir's verdant shore.